10 Reasons Why The COLDPLAY Concert Was Worth The Hype

 Viva La Vida India.

And it finally happened on 19th November. The long awaited Coldplay performance finally happened yesterday. The show was great and it had every element to prove the country can arrange Music Festivals as good as the well known ones.

The performance had thousands of highlighting moments.

The management and the execution made the highlighted event of the evening as enormous as we anticipated it. The show ended a few hours ago, and I am already getting nostalgic.

The event was held as a part of the Global Citizen Festival in Mumbai. The festival is a continued movement to end the world poverty by 2030. The noble work has been proving successful so far, and we’ll pray for its continued success.

Here is a list of 10 reasons why the Coldplay concert was worth the wait.


1. Opening performances

Why attend such an expensive show for just one artist? The management made sure not to make you go through this thought.

He was not the only big gig to perform there today. Some of the big names like Jay-Z and Demi Lovato. If you believe pollution is the only reason that is causing global warming, you missed the sizzling performance by Demi Lovato.

A lot of Indian celebrities joined the stage too.

They opened for the star event of the evening with absolute perfection.


2. Management

The management made the event successful despite the odds.

Visuals – The visuals were as striking as one can imagine. They portrayed the band’s melody through colors. It was as beautiful as their songs. The psychedelic effects were bright and catchy.

Sound – The speakers were quite good. The sound was clear and equally distributed for the sake of the distributed audience. Though I believe they should have arranged better one, but they did justice to the sound of the band.

Lights- The management nailed this one. They progressed as the evening passed by.

Crowd – Around 80,000 people attended the concert. We haven’t heard any casualty yet, so I guess we can consider it a successful execution in managing the crowd.

3. Performance

Do I need to comment on this? Their energetic performance was worth the star event.

They know how to interact with the audience, keeping in mind to make sure the performance stays sharp. Chris Martin, the lead singer of the band, knows his job as the lead of the band. He performed throughout the concert with a light yet bright charming smile.

The lights added to the ambient feel.

Chris Martin successfully delivered all his liveliness to the audience, and the enthusiasm was clear in the atmosphere.1

4. Audience

The crowd was waiting for the Coldplay performance since the very beginning of the event; in fact, we have been waiting for it since the news came out.

The audience was mostly consisted of diehard Coldplay fans. It was great to interact with fellow Coldplay fans. They were friendly throughout the concert and helped each other while the concert was going on.

5. The Beatles of this era

The Beatles were an English rock band.

The Coldplay is an English rock band.

Did you see the similarity? Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I think they have earned enough reputation and financially success to be considered as the Beatles of this era.

Gwyneth Paltrow was married to Chris Martin. So here goes the proof that their songs can get you a hot girl easily, something that songs of Beatles were capable to do so in their era (even today).

So feel happy to witness the band that might be called “The Beatles of their era” after 5 decades.

6. Unparalleled Experience

Many sites streamed the event online. Many had to satisfy themselves with it, but there is a reason the bands perform live.

You cannot experience the same cheerfulness or the adrenaline rush sitting at home. You may sing along with the band while staring at your desktop or mobile device, but there is nothing like singing along with the band while the audience is joining them in unison.

The thrill of the performance could have been delivered only live.


7. Songs they played

They performed some of their well known songs.

One of my personal favourite moments was when they played Paradise. That is one of their beautifully composed songs.

Some of their other popular songs were Hymn for the weekend, Magic, Viva la Vida, Fix you, and many more.

8. Final Ending

The event ended on a magnificent note.

As the saying goes, the stars are brightest just before the break of dawn. In the similar way, the show ended with mesmerising effects and fireworks.

If the complete concert didn’t appeal to you for some reason, still the ending will conquer your heart.

9. Chris Martin

What could be more appealing than the ending? Apparently, there is.

I haven’t mentioned the most happening event of the evening. I was saving it for the last.

Chris Martin not only addressed the audience in Hindi, but also sang Channa Meraya from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Not only this, A. R. Rahman made Chris Martin to sing Vande Mataram.4

10. After-Effect

Since the performance is over, my dream to watch them live in India has come has been fulfilled.

Now I will spend coming few days in utter nostalgia followed by a new quest to search a reason to live. Maybe I should get a life too.

They have left a mark that might take some time to be overwhelmed.


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10 Reasons Why The COLDPLAY Concert Was Worth The Hype

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