5 Beaches In India

 The hot summer of the country is still here and probably won’t leave us before a month or two. So it ain’t too late to make a trip to one of the many beaches. Stop right there!! You were thinking to make a trip to Goa or Mumbai, right.

You probably don’t even remember how many times you made plans to go Goa with your friends and had to cancel it!! Dil Chahta Hai gave us a friendship goal to add in our bucket and enjoy the waves of the Goa with our buddies.

I suggest you to plan your next trip to one of these beaches, if you wish to discover yourself and the country. This may give you a chance to cut yourself from the stress of the world and add concrete to your friend circle.

1, Kovalam (KERALA)

If you have a thing for coconut trees or coconut, than this place should be the first on your list. The name of this beach literally means a grove of coconut trees.

The potential of the place as a successful tourist spot was uncovered in 1930’s when the European guests of the Travancore. Thus the spot shares a tourism history that spans over 80 years.

The kovalam beach is primarily divided into three parts

  • Light house beach
  • Hawah beach
  • Samudra beach


 2. Tarkali (Maharashtra)

Quit thinking about shopping; let’s talk about scuba diving and corals for a while. Tarkali hosts state’s only scuba diving training center.

Corals are not the only attraction of the place. The Ramnavmi utsav is celebrated every year in Mahapurush Temple of the village that has earned quite a reputation.

The beach has long coastline and clear water. The sighting of dolphins is common.

There is a long list of places one can visit at Tarkali along with the adventure sports to make sure everyone has a great time there.



3. Covelong (Tamil Nadu)

Covelong, heaven for Pescetarianism. It is a fish village, situated 40 km south of Chennai.

This is the one of the few places on the east coast where wind surfing takes place.  So if you are bored of giving variety of fishes to your taste buds, you can indulge yourself in surfing. Covelong holds the title of being the first surfing village of India.

There is a surf school with resort in the beach.


4. Mandvi (Gujarat)

If you are planning to visit Mandvi, than I will suggest you to make sure to have enough time.

Mandvi has everything from great sunset view, beautiful architectural monuments, delicious food and beaches (obviously).

The fortress of Mandvi was built by Raoshri Bharmalji in 1549. Part of the fort wall has been demolished in two phase and part of it has been declared as protected monument.

The place has a rich historical background. So this trip might give you a chance to get close to the history of India. The city has a four-hundred-year-old ship building industry. Surprisingly, it is still active and produces small wooden ships.


5. Port Blair (Andaman and Nicobar)

This one might not be an unfamiliar name but surely an underrated one. It may take me a whole new list to point out all the interesting places there.

It has a tropical monsoon climate; it means there is little variation in average temperature and large amounts of precipitation throughout the year. Thus, the place is available throughout the year.

The beaches are not only soothing to eyes but also smell of patriotism as the history of the place is tied to our freedom struggle. The saga of blood is as along as glorious it is.

In the year 2004, not only Andaman and nicobar but a large part of south asia was affected by the tsunami waves. The port blair however survived due to the islands around it. Port blair acted as the shelter for the victims during the relief effort.


port blair

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5 Beaches In India

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